Oak Harbor Signs
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Oak Harbor Signs

We are a full service sign company.
Licensed - Bonded - Insured
Washington State General Contractor Lic# OAKHAHS895N5

After 54 years in the sign business, our goal continues to remain the same: Quality Signs First.

We use superior sign materials including (but not limit to) double-sided MDO, aluminum, aluminum composite, cedar (redwood when available and requested), banners, premium vinyls, and lettering enamels.

Our satisfaction arises from a desire to provide our customers with a "more than you pay for" service.

In this current economy, we still offer special services for the struggling business owner: Barter, creative payment arrangements, and in certain circumstances low to no cost signs.
We provide:
1. Customer satisfaction by giving more than ordered and/or added touches to signs at NO EXTRA COST.

2. Free use of "Now Open" or "Grand Opening" or "Open Soon" banners for new businesses.

3. Fully guaranteed products.

4. Our once a year free sign for the business or personal endeavor of our choice.

5. Professional signs from the finest materials.

6. Reasonable prices.